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Smiley Face Telephone Smily Face Telephone

Stock #1803-nvtvad: Rare Smiley Face telephone, excellent condition, touchtone, add a smile to your room - $100.   

Keebler Antique Telephones

Stock #1559-nvtvad: Keebler Elf TelELFphone, mint condition with original packaging and manual (no box), touchtone - $100.   

Green Giant Novelty Phone Green Giant Novelty Phones

Stock #1521-nvtvad: Green Giant telephone, approximately 14" high, cute - $100.   

Darth Vader Novelty Telephone

Stock #1584-nvtvad: Darth Vader speakerphone, nice condition, works perfectly - $75.   

Charlie Tuna Novelty Telephone Charlie Tuna Novelty Telephones

Stock #284-nvtvad: Starkist Charlie the Tuna telephone, eyes light up when ringing, ringer on/off switch, pulse/touchtone switch, redial capability, mint condition, fully modular - $75.   

Coca Cola Novelty Phone Coca Cola Novelty Phones

Stock #997-nvtvad: Coca Cola Disk telephone with original box, nice condition, fully modular - $65.   

Heinz Ketchup Novelty Telephone Heinz Ketchup Novelty Telephones

Stock #1506-nvtvad: Heinz Ketchup telephone, touchtone, nice condition, works perfectly - $65.   

Crest Toothpaste Novelty Phone Crest Toothpaste Novelty Phones

Stock #1687-nvtvad: Crest telephone, touchtone, excellent condition, works perfectly - $60.   

M&M Novelty Phones

Stock #1220-nvtvad: M&M handsfree telephone, one red (says "Hey, answer the phone!"), one green (says "Pick it up sweetie!"), mint and brand new in the package, comes with necklace, belt/pocket clip, flexible arms and legs, buzzer/voice-chip, tone/pulse, in-use LED, hi/lo volume, hi/lo ringer, 18' line cord - $25 each.   
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