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Western Electric Candlestick Antique Telephone

Stock #589-cnantq: Western Electric black dial, circa 1920, with brown cloth cords and internal ringer network - $450.   
Also available with brown cloth cords and Western Electric subset - $550 - please email for availability.

Automatic Electric Candlestick Antique Telephones Automatic Electric Candlestick Antique Phone

Stock #1206-cnantq: Automatic Electric dial candlestick with cutaway dial and unique pivoting perch - $425.   
*** SOLD ***

Automatic Electric Candlestick Antique Phones Automatic Electric Candlestick Old Telephone

Stock #1742-cnantq: Automatic Electric black dial candlestick with internal network, nice condition - $400.   
*** SOLD ***

Western Electric Railroad Candlestick Old Phones

Stock #637-cnantq: Western Electric railroad non-dial, 48D, ca. 1910, original bulldog transmitter, brass head and switchhook, scissors gate stand, brown cloth cords, #634 subset - $400.   
*** SOLD ***

Dean Candlestick Antique Telephone Dean Candlestick Antique Telephones

Stock #1523-cnantq: Dean non-dial nickel candlestick, good condition, very rare, original cords - $300.   
*** SOLD ***

Western Electric Candlestick Antique Phone

Stock #637-cnantq: Western Electric black non-dial, circa 1915, with brown cloth cords, note *without* pencil holder - $250.   
*** SOLD ***

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